new ( chocolate-dipped) muffin in town !

** Update 8 July 2010 ** Variasi terbaru Chocolate Dipped Muffin     …  now with Oreo …

chocolate dipped muffin @

coming soon ..! Available Now !

from January 2010 …


chocolate dipped muffin @

exclusively for :

  • wedding gift / door gift
  • birthday / anniversary / party / “kenduri”   :)  etc


Sham : 019-3797 569 | Nisa :  019-255 4537 | Email : [email protected] | Facebook page :

99 thoughts on “new ( chocolate-dipped) muffin in town !”

  1. salam….

    boleh sy dapatkan quotation utk muffin nie…..? nak survey2 utk majlis sebelah suami pada 03 January 2010 akan datang.

    terima kasih….. 🙂

  2. salam….nampak lazat la muffin ni =)….bape RM if saya nak dalam 20 biji….kedai kat mane ? saya duk kat KL tapi majlis kat melaka….plz reply me….nak wat untuk hantaran ke pihak lelaki…TQ ….

  3. muffin ni very nice…
    leh tak bagi sy quo utk muffin ni
    saye nk order dlm 700 dan nk tau dapat bekas skali or tak
    plz reply me….plz….tq

  4. salam, hie saya jun. saya nak tahu quotation tuk muffin kat atas ni for 1000pcs siap gan packaging to give as a door gift for wedding reception. and i would like to know where is your shop if let say i wana do food testing yer 🙂


  5. salam

    kindly email me the price list for this cupcake, and also the cadbury chocolate cupcake. I want to make as hantaran gift.

    p/s: How will the cupcakes be packed, if I want it to be courier to Miri, Sarawak and how will delivery time affect the cupcakes condition?

    Thanks 🙂

  6. Dear Kak Anis,

    So tempting la tgk chocolate-dipped muffin ni.. Boleh x tolong quote kan for 1,500. Function will be in june..


  7. salam nisa….
    boleh x nisa emailkan saya arga choc-dip muffin ne per box? if siap packaging 1 per 1 bp plak arganya…
    sgt menyelerakan laaa

  8. pls quote me for 12 pcs chocolate dipped muffin is how much ? and is the any other favour available ? delivery provided or any extra charges ? i need to get 12 pcs for me and my husband 1 yr anniversary + valentine gift next week , appreciate if can reply me as soon as possible . my contact number 016-3468798 my email stated above.

  9. pls advise izzit 12 pcs muffin for choco dipped not available? if yes , please advise how many pcs available. hope to hear from you soon.

    1. hi Tracy ..
      we’ re so sorry to infrm U that our minimum order for muffin chocolate dipped are as follows :
      – 25 pcs ( 1 box ) for self pickup
      – 50 pcs ( 2 box ) to qualify for delivery service ( with additional delivery cost.)


  10. thank’s for your information , please quote me for both of the 25pcs and 50 pcs , may i know that if for 50 pcs deliver to cyberjaya how much will it be cost? and where is the location for self picked up for 25 pcs? you can send your quotation to my email as stated above and hope to hear from you soon.

    p.s: is there other favour beside than choco dipped muffiin as advertised?

    thank you
    Tracy Yan

  11. a’kum..

    boleh x sy nak dptkn price quotation utk muffin ni??

    500-600 ,majlis bulan 6 2010 ni..sekali ngn simple packaging


  12. A’kum,

    Saya akan bertunang di perak pada 1 may 2010. Saya perlu kan muffin ini sebagai hantaran. Saya rasa muffin yang ini boleh tahan kan kalau di bawa dari KL ke Perak. Saya nak quotation untuk muffin ni boleh tak? boleh email the detail kan [email protected].

    Tima Kasih

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