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Truffles Chocolate Cake @ ANisBakery.netHere’s my sweet chocolate truffle recipe: drop dead easy make at home coffee flavored chocolate truffles in a light coat of cocoa… These truffles are a great sweet treat and also a lovely homemade gift for someone you love!

Yum, I finally found the perfect filling ratio for these chocolate truffles. And I’m so chuffed about it!

I tried to make these truffles a couple of times before.

However the first time the chocolate balls turned out to be a little hard to chew on. Other times the truffles ended up being way too soft to roll balls from the chocolate filling. But I’m pretty sure that I’m on top of it now.

The perfect chocolate truffle recipe, finally!

Look at them creamy chocolate balls!

Now that I found the good amount of ingredients I can start thinking about other versions.

This one here contains coffee flavor with a grinding coffee for espresso to increase the flavor. I like the combination of coffee and chocolate. I might try to add other flavors to the filling like for example orange zest, orange liquor, dried nuts, shaved coconut, lime…

What extra flavor do you like with chocolate?

So many ideas to try out in the future!

Kek terbaru di .

  • Nama : Truffles Chocolate Cake
  • Berat : 1 kg ++ ( berat untuk kek )
  • Pilihan Jenis Cake : Moist Chocolate / Buttercake
  • Topping / layer with special Recipe Coffee Cream
  • Hiasan disekeliling kek : Kacang Hazel ( chopped hazel nut )
  • dan yang teristimewa terdapat Chocolate Truffles ( 10 pcs ) di atas setiap kek
  • harga = RM 115.00 each

Tempahan Truffles Chocolate Cake

  • Tempahan dibuka daripada sekarang.
  • Sila berikan kami  masa 5 hari awal bagi setiap tempahan ya  🙂
  • untuk ** Urgent Order** pls call us

** untuk membuat tempahan , sila gunakan order form ini :

New Truffles Chocolate cake @

thanks all . Wassalam .

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